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Instant cold/hot-mould temp control units

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Instant cold/hot-mould temp control units
  • Product Features
  • Technical Parameters
Models Features

● Adopt full Chinese man-machine interface, simple operation monitoring.
● Adopt PID controller with high precision PLC, can achieve precise mould temperature and heating and cooling effect.
● The injection molding machine and mold temperature, mold, mold close signal signal signal interlocking.
● The controller for the heater control unit with a control.
● S.S.R solid state relay heating control.
● The whole machine with high temperature and high pressure professional parts, ensure the reliability and safety of equipment used in the.
● The hot water pipe and the use of 316 stainless steel welding, reduce pipe resistance and rust.
● The isolation type control panel, according to the demand placed in the appropriate location, convenient operation.
● The perfect safety protection, fault display, ensure the safety of the equipment.

Models Advantage

● The elimination of surface welding wires and welding traces, corrugated, silver marks.
● thoroughly solve the product surface shrinkage.
● improve the product surface finish, the surface finish can be a mirror effect, free spraying processing.
● eliminate the phenomenon of floating fiber and fiber products and make products more perfect appearance.
● The thin-walled products improve the injection of liquidity, improve the quality and strength.
● for thick wall products to reduce the molding cycle, enhance the liquidity of the plastic and filling effect, make the yield higher.
● The intermittent blowing hot and cold water removal, reduce the mold water backwater problem.
● Hot water recycling technology - 95%, realize environmental protection and energy saving.
● Cooling water recycling - 100%.
● No need external temperature control of boilers and other auxiliary equipment, the volumesmall may move at any time with the use of different machine.

Process Introduction

The hot water with high temperature and pressure of mold runner heating cooling cycle, when the injection molding machine mold after the injection of hot water with high temperature and pressure, the mold temperature is increased to a predetermined value, let into the mold cavity of the plastic to maintain optimal melting state and starts to pour cold water, mold cooling Lower Austria finished removable temperature after the mold opening and then blows air into the mold to cold water completely blown away, the completion of the injection molding process.

☉ At present, it has wide application prospect in household appliances, automobiles, communications, daily necessities, medical equipment and other industries,
☉ for example: LCD TV, and computer LCD monitors, notebook computer, mobile phone shell, guide plate, a chip, a car dashboard, optical lens, an outer shell of the air conditioner.
Model unit ATCWCH-1830-72 ATCWCH-1830-108 ATCWCH-1855-144
Control range Normal atmospheric temperature+10℃-180℃
Temp.control accuracy PID±1℃
Heat transfer medium   Water
Cooling method   Direct cooling
Heating capacity KW 72(18KW×4支) 108(18KW×6) 144(18KW×8支)
Total input power KW 77.5 115 152
Maximum current A 139.5 207 273
Power supply   AC 3P+PE 380V 50Hz
Control mode   PLC+touch screen
Pump power KW 3.0 3.0 4.0
flow L/min 120 120 150
Maximum head M 60 60 85
Pump power KW 2.2 3.0 3.0
flow L/min 116 200 200
Maximum head M 114 83 83
Max operating pressure Kg/cm2 12 12 12
Circulation water pipe INCH DN32(1/2〞×10) DN32(1/2〞×10) DN40(1/2〞×16)
Cooling water pipe INCH 1-1/4 1-1/4 1-1/2
Cooling water supply Kg/cm2 2 2 2
Demineralized water supply INCH 1/2 1/2 1/2
compressed air Pressure Kg/cm2 4.5~7 4.5~7 4.5~7
Supply pipe mm 12 12 12
Size (L×W×H) CM 170×85×140 170×85×140 190×90×160
Weight kg 700 800 900
Suitable for injection molding machine(consult) T 600T 1000T 2000T

★ Other reasons for improvement, specifications changed,not in the notice, please understand.