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The role of oil machine operation explosion-proof system

TIME:2015-12-31 14:42:25   FROM:Five Six One Temp Control   HIT:

System of oil temperature machine operation explosion-proof, explosion-proof oil temperature machine pipeline explosion-proof equipment, equipment initiative epispastic back to oil, heating and cooling PID control, return oil temperature display, set value and practical value of separation appeared. Explosion-proof oil temperature machine pump flow high heating power is high, the highest temperature of up to 350 degrees, the oil pump and the heating power can be customized, power size according to customer production requirements custom-made.

The explosion-proof type electric control box machine oil barrier, extend the use fixed number of appliances. BY-PASS oil pressure relief loop. Realize the automation of management, temperature rise speed, accurate temperature control uniform and stable, the common heating planning, saving the right is not the same temperature control places the use of, explosion-proof oil temperature machine multi-point temperature control unit can be customized.

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