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Cold water machine manufacturers to analyze the structure of the cold water mach

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Cold water machine manufacturer for the vast number of consumers to analysis structure of cold water machine, cold water machine structure is relatively complex, if cooling water machine cooler damaged, then in the maintenance of the need, the overall structure of the chiller have a preliminary understanding, in order to achieve correct repair chiller.
The heat radiating fin of the cold water machine is punched by the high speed punching machine, and the quality of the turning piece is reliable. The two flanging, copper tube and fin heat exchanger more closely touch, high power. Selection of imported copper tube and automatic welding elbow, greatly enhance oxygen tightness, eliminate refrigerant leak phenomenon. Particularly suitable for the lack of water resources or high water hardness of the region to use.
Cold water machine PLC unit centralized control, with the tightening machine can transfer system, timely and accurate control unit cooling capacity and cooling load matching, ensure the unit to the best power, down expenses to go to work. A number of internal integrated water, low temperature, pressure, anti freeze, lack of phase, delay launch, inverse phase, overload, overheating of the motor, oil pressure difference etc. safety maintenance and processing functions.

Air cooled schematic

Water cooled principle diagram

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