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The oil temperature machinevariety difference function

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Oil temperature machine types and different functions have little difference, on the market most common oil temperature machine: oil temperature machine, high temperature oil temperature machine, standard oil temperature machine, etc.
The oil temperature machine manufacturers to introduce details of other types of oil machine, oil machine can also refer to the details:
1, oil machine computer touch control, the operation is simple and easy to understand.
Two group P.I.D temperature control table 2, oil machine microcomputer, touch type storage, active routing.
3, oil machine safety protection and fault indicator system.
4, the use of long service life.
5, the temperature rising fast, accurate and stable temperature.
6, the common and power heating design, suitable for the use of temperature control, energy saving effect.
7, stainless steel, the tube to donate small, add cooked uniform.
8, oil machine boot active exhaust function.
9, mold return oil temperature test table.
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