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What is the role of oil temperature machine

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What role the oil temperature machine manufacturers explain oil temperature machine, oil machine in industry is most common, the oil temperature machine is with heat conducting oil as a preface to the mold temperature machine. He also called oil heater, oil heater, oil temperature control machine.
Oil machine is a heat conducting oil interpret out of context, as the heat transfer of mold temperature machine. Oil temperature machine itself is provided with a storage tank, when heat conducting oil from storage tank into the system, circulating pump into the mold or other requirements of temperature control equipment, heat conduction oil from the temperature control equipment, and then returned to the system, ad infinitum. Oil temperature machine, heat conduction oil heater heating, when the sense of temperature probe to detect the media temperature reached the set value heater stop working. When the temperature of the oil machine is lower than the set value, the heater preliminary work, when the temperature reached the set value, and the work was suspended. So.
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